We won the

National Gold Award and Provincial Gold awrd of Large Category in

Entrepreneur of the year 2016

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We, at Mount Packs (Pvt) Ltd., are continuously moving to initiate various activities to ensure togetherness, enhance the joy and burnish the skill of our employees. We get together three times annually, to conduct special events that enhance our morale of our valued employees, to give them a break in the monotony of the production process.

Our events comprise of -

    • A family get together and the prize giving on 1st of January,
    • Annual trips
    • Annual cricket match
    • Annual blood donation campaign,
    • Annual Poson Dansela (alms giving)
    • Observing “sill” and alms giving on Vesak & Poson full moon poya days


Our aim is to achieve company goals by upgrading the life of our employees, ensuring a healthy & happy workforce, who thrive for success.

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